Hard Copy Subscription Service


Subscribing to the SMA Award Service offers the best way and most reliable method of keeping up to-date on how current problems in charter party and other disputes are being settled. Because it consists of the actual Awards, rather than edited excerpts, it is certainly the most reliable guide to shipping problems that exist.

  • Virtually every SMA Award is published in the year it is issued. So far over 4300 Awards have been published.
  • Our subscription year commences on May 1st of each year.
  • Subscription rate is $595.00 per year (plus tax and international shipping charges where applicable).
  • Back issues are available for sale.
  • Please email Patricia Leahy, Office Manager at for more information or to subscribe to the SMA Award Service.

If you want to search SMA Award Service on-line, check out Where to Find Society of Maritime Arbitrators, Inc. Arbitration Awards Materials on the LEXIS®- NEXIS® services