Member Roster Photo Instructions

This page is intended to help members pick an appropriately sized phtoto for their member bio photo

The final image size that will be used on the bio page is 155 pixels wide and 155 pixels tall.
That means your original image has to be AT LEAST that large in both directions.

You also must have enough background in your image so that your entire head doesn’t fill the 155 x 155 image area.

We’ve put together a visual representation of how an original image might look that has the proper size and enough background to correctly crop the image.

The images below are at double-size for easy viewing but the proportions are correct.

This image represents a perfectly cropped bio photo.
The headshot has plenty of background so it’s not too tight and plenty pf shoulder so it’s not just a bunch of face and neck.

Member Roster Photo Instructions

This image would be an original image that would be sent to us for proper cropping.
As you can see, there is plenty of background and a whole lot of person to work with when creating the 155 x 155 pixels final image for the bio page.
The original image has to be larger than 155 x 155 pixels. This example has a starting image around 300 x 300 pixels.