Born 1948. Ship broker and partner, Quincannon Associates, Inc., a ship brokerage firm specializing in the chartering of chemical, gas and product tankers. Acting as charterer’s broker and consultant for chemical producers, oil companies and trading companies. Formerly chartering manager of Danish ship owner, Weco-Shipping I/S (Rederi A/S Dannebrog), responsible for chartering, operation and sale and purchase. Also worked for Reederei John T. Essberger, Hamburg and James Burness & Sons Ltd., London. Experienced in dry cargo and tanker chartering, operation and S&P. Member of BIMCO’s Broker Expert Panel and the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ASBA)’s Board and Chairman of its Charter Party and Documentary Committee. Participated in the drafting of BIMCHEMVOY, ASBACHEMVOY, NYPE 2015 and ASBAGASVOY, Co-chair of the joint ASBA/BIMCO committee for the updating of ASBATANKVOY. Trained Mediator.

Member: ASBA, MLA (Adjunct)

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